Fire Fighting Practices

Fire Fighting Practices

Sun Dec 2022

Fire Fighting Practices


  • This course complies with the standards set by NFPA 1001 and provides a foundation of theory and Practical skill development for students pursuing a career in the fire services. Topics include the organization of the fire department, standard operating procedures, rules and regulations, safety, initiatives, personal protective equipment, tools and equipment, ropes and knots, the chain of command and incident management, fire department communications, and teamwork. The course prepares, Students for entry-level positions as structural Firefighters. Wild land Fire Suppression Workers and Industrial Safety Officers/Firefighters. The course includes both theory and hands-on activities related to Fire safety and emergency response-related skills.

Course Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Conduct fire department communications in a professional manner, including initiating, reporting and responding to calls;
  • Use fire department communications equipment to correctly relay verbal or written information
  • Engage in fire-ground operations including activities necessary to ensure life safety, fire control and property conservation
  • Perform preparedness and maintenance activities that reduce the loss of life and property due to fire through response readiness
  • Perform rescue operations, including activities related to assessing and disentangling victims from motor vehicle accidents
  • Assist special rescue teams; and
  • Engage in activities related to reducing the loss of life and property due to fire through hazard identification, inspection and response readiness.


Course Outline:

Orientation and History of the Fire Service

  • Fire Fighter Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Communications
  •  Incident Management System
  • Fire Behavior
  • Building Construction

Portable Fire Extinguishers • Tools and Equipment

  •  Ropes and Knots • Response and Size-Up
  • Forcible Entry • Ladders • Search and Rescue
  •  Ventilation
  • Water Supply
  •  Fire Attack and Foam
  • Fire Fighter Survival
  • Rehabilitation

 Extreme Cold Weather Cautions and Operations

  • Wild land and Ground Fires
  •  Fire Suppression
  • Pre-incident Planning
  • Vehicle Rescue and Extrication
  • Assisting Special Rescue Teams
  • Fire Prevention and Public Education

 Fire Detection, Protection, and Suppression Systems

  •  Fire Cause Determination
  •  Hazardous Materials: Introduction
  •  Hazardous Materials: Awareness
  • Hazardous Materials: Operations and Specialties
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Medical Training Component See instructor syllabus for the detailed outline

Date: 25 – 29 December 2022

Location: Cairo

Fees per person: 2150 Us Dollar


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