Certified Programs

Certified Programs

In line with our commitment to excellence, CYS is proud to announce the introduction of yet another new service, namely:

CYS Certified Programs

  • The purpose of the service is to recognize professionals with the commitment and dedication to plan their personal training and development in such a way as to achieve certification. The CCP will be awarded to those who, in their respective fields:
  • Have attended one of the Certified  programs listed in this brochure, and have successfully passed, upon completion of the program, the assessment test administered at the end of the program, and have successfully completed the project assigned to them by the Program Leader within the time frame agreed.
  • The CCP will attest that you have met the professional standards that Perfect Center has developed and nurtured over the last 5 years. You will receive, in addition to the Attendance Certificate, a special Certificate that will attest your credentials as a Certified Professional.

Special Features

Tests will be administered at the completion of each certified  program (Pass rate is 75%) Exam results will not be disclosed.

Projects will be assigned by the Program Leader who will agree to the subject you choose and set the standards, including time frames, expected for completion.

The Certified  programs you will attend with Perfect Center will earn you, in addition to your entitlement to PCP and Attendance Certificate, PCP Credits that Perfect Center has organized through its strategic partnership with many international academies and universities


Certified Programs:

Business Management Certificates:

•   Certified Business Administrator.

•   Certified Customer Service Manager.

•   Certified Strategic Planner.

•   Certified Strategic Planning manager

•   Certified Business Manager.

•   Certified Business Analyst.

•   Certified Business Writer.

•   Certified Team Leader.

•   Certified Public Relations Manager.

•   Certified Administration & Office Management Professional

•   Certified Business Secretary.

•   Certified Fixed Assets Professional

Sales & Marketing Certificates:

•   Certified Customer Relationship Manager.

•   Certified Customer Service Professional

•   Certified Sales Leader.

•   Certified Sales Manager

•   Certified Senior Sales Man

•   Certified Marketer.

•   Certified Marketing Manager.

•   Certified Marketing Professional

•   Certified E-Marketing Manager.

•   Certified E-Commerce Manager.

Human Resources Certificates:

•   Certified Human Resources Manager.

•   Certified Human Resources Developer.

•   Certified Human Resources Professional.

•   Certified Training Professional

Project Management Certificates:

•   Certified Project Manager.

•   Preparation for Project Management Professional (PMP)

•   Certified IT Project Manager.

Contract Managements Certificates:

•   Certified Commercial Contracts Manager.

•   Certified Government Contracts Manager.

•   Certified Professional Contracts Manager.

•   Certified Contract Manager

Purchasing Management Certificates:

•   Certified Purchasing Professional.

•   Certified Professional Purchasing Manager.

Other Specialties:

•   Certified Accountant Manager

•   Certified Manager of Quality

•   Certified Quality Management Professional


Certified Programs

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